Oxbridge Applications

The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are two of the most prominent, renowned, and oldest universities in the United Kingdom. The term “Oxbridge” refers to both of these universities together. Oxbridge University upholds and delivers the most premium and first-class education in the world and is legendary for its brilliance.

Each year, BFL Consultants provide their exclusive Oxbridge Application Services to a selected group of high achievers. For each application round, our proficient Consultants for Oxbridge Applications conduct a distinct round of individual sessions with the prospective students and the competent students are, then, proceeded for further procedure. 

The foreign education certified Consultants at BFL are working diligently to uphold academic fineness in all cities of Pakistan. BFL aims to advance the trend of obtaining Oxbridge placements by Pakistani students. Oxbridge Applications is an utterly different category of BFL, which is dealt by our senior counselors only. Not only do they deliver extra consideration and care to these applications, but this application process is also started two years in advance. Our Counselors take the students under their exclusive “Mentorship Program” and begin to counsel them and build up their profile from scratch. Students are provided with precise devotion at each step, for every component of their application.

To qualify for BFL’s IVY Oxbridge Applications, one must fulfill the criteria set by BFL, as our counselors process a limited number of applications. This is to ensure full dedication and supreme perseverance towards each application.

Services Charges

Please note that you can apply only in one university: the University of Oxford OR University of Cambridge.

Including all services for Application along with more than 99% Scholarship/Financial Aid

More than 99% Financial Aid in the top-ranked universities of the UK, other than Oxbridge = USD 2000