IVY Admissions

One of our foremost premium services comprises applications to the esteemed IVY League Universities. The term ‘IVY League Universities’ refers to a group of eight, highly-ranked and elite universities, located in the North Eastern areas of the US.  Though, it is an “American Collegiate Athletic Conference”, IVY League is much more than just the athletics. This group of universities is highly selective in terms of admissions and offers astonishing opportunities for academics over and above all the other extracurriculars. 

IVY League Universities include:

Brown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Harvard University
University of Pennsylvania
Princeton University
Yale University

With an experience of IVY League Universities, our competent and foreign education certified Consultants at BFL are devoted towards upholding academic excellence and the trend of securing placements in these popular universities. IVY League Universities fall under a different and unique category of BFL because the application process is initiated earlier than the customary and is given precise consideration at each step, for every element of the application. It is recommended to start the application process for IVY League Universities at least two years before finishing high school. This is because our Counselors take the students under their exclusive “Mentorship Program” and begin to counsel the student and build up their profile from scratch.